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se7en Reimagined: Pride

This design is a 2021 re-imagining of the 1995 film "Seven" directed by David Fincher. Specifically, this deck design explores if the seven deadly sin "Pride" murder victim was a beauty influencer.

As part of this design I explored mood and concept as well a color. I built the entire influencer loft set in SketchUp within the confines of a soundstage.


I broke down the design into floor, wall, hardware, and greenery schedules and elevations as well as a backing concept.

My key images were created using Podium rendering combined with a paint over in Photoshop for details called from the script.

Viewer discretion is advised when looking at this deck!

The Dollmaker: Character Environment

This design was created as part of the Fall 2020 Art Direction course at the California Institute of the Arts.I created this environment design based on a character I was given a description of from a script of which I was given a short synopsis.

The presentation design reflects the room chosen: the attic of the main, mysterious character. I designed his room using a combination of photocomposite techniques and paint overs in Photoshop after exploring the emotional and physical state of the character and environment.

Presentations can tell as much of a story as the production design, and I kept that in mind as I created this deck for the Dollmaker.

Character Based Environment Design

After being given a character description written by another colleague, I designed this environment around the concept of a fisherman/sailor hunting for his lost love.

I explored color and value in this set to give a cozy feel to the space while also reflecting on the bare-ness of the sailor's life. I used photoshop for sketch to finish.

Nautical touches surround the room and a window looks out onto the harbor.

Forrest Gump Reimagined