Hello, I’m Megan. I am a scenic artist-turned-designer with a special place in my heart for the macabre things in life. I have a vast set of skills that allow me to adapt based on the needs of a project, from forklift driving to fabric dyeing.

I hold an undergraduate degree in theatre technology.  I quickly entered the world of scenic painting for theme park Halloween haunts while still in college and fell in love with the work. I am a themed entertainment and immersive experience enthusiast, but most of all I love storytelling. I will research every aspect of a story for my designs.


These days you can find me working on my final semester of my master’s degree in Applied Design at the California Institute of the Arts, or just sitting on my patio enjoying the LA sunshine with my dog Bonnie.


If you’re interested in my work, send me an email at and let’s build something together.

You can find a copy of my resume here: